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IT and Infrastructure

The OLG Infrastructure has been developed and built up by its own in house team. All desktop computers are built up by the IT Department to custom specifications dictated by the software required. This allows us to save costs by only providing what is required, it also allows us to keep common spares should any parts show signs of degradation or failure. All cabling and interconnects are carried out internally.

Custom Building

Custom building also extends the shelf life of the workstation as individual components, such as hard disks, can be upgraded as they begin to slow down or start deteriorating or if changes to software requirements change as new versions are released.

Our Network

We manage our network internally, major upgrades to its infrastructure are carried out by third party approved suppliers under the direction of the team. We maintain the day to day running of the network and continually measure and monitor its performance. Preventative maintenance is all carried out internally as well as scoping out potential upgrades.

Our internal IT Department provide 1st and 2nd line support, this is critical to our customers ensuring that any downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. The team have extensive knowledge of all operating systems, networking systems and office desktop software.

The IT Department manage all aspects of physical and information security along with asset management. These processes are all carried to comply with ISO27001 and CyberEssentials certifications.

The IT Department maintain and manage all hardware and software contracts, this covers third party suppliers who provide services for the department. Mobile phone contracts, VOIP (Voice Over IP) telecoms systems and telephony provider contracts. We also negotiate and maintain all point to point ethernet extension links.